If you wish to carry out your own rent review negotiations we can, where available, provide you with information relating to deals done locally to your property, therefore assisting you in proving the rental value of the property.

Our charges for this service are £75 +VAT.

Based upon the details that you supply within the enquiry form below, we shall provide you via email,* details of properties similar to the property that you tell us about within the enquiry form. The details we shall provide to you will include the address, size, term of lease and passing rental, together with an approximate date of when the rental was agreed.

In order to provide information to you we shall require a pre-payment from you. Should we be unable to provide you with any information, within 28 days of receipt of your enquiry form, you will receive a full refund.

A receipted VAT invoice will be forwarded to you upon receipt of payment.

Should you wish to contact us by telephone please call 020 3189 1958

* Where necessary details may be posted to you.

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